Sacred Soul Alignment

As the 'Healer of Hearts', my goal is to serve as the facilitator and messenger to align the mental, emotional and physical with the souls' original blueprint by releasing the energy of trauma, fear and suffering in body and spirit to restore your health, heart-centered love and personal power, creating the change you desire with clear direction and self-FULL-fillment. 

5 Clearing Techniques That Will Change Your Life Today!

Learn these 5 simple clearing techniques and connect with your 'Spirit Team' to heal your health, wealth & wellbeing today. 
Quickly shift into living the life you desire and deserve through this easy instruction.

3 Options to Choose From Starting at Just $4/mth!

Here are some of the things you will learn in the It's My Damn Life! Program...
  • Calm the mind chatter 
  • Clear drama from your life
  • Develop your spiritual clair senses
  • Discover and heal your energetic body
  • Implement your Life Purpose into your current reality
  • Plus, so much more!

What People Are Saying...

“What an extraordinary experience! I found Souls Harmony (Tearhsa) through classes she was giving at Market Common Yoga Studio (she does readings there periodically). The reading was both insightful and spot on. She, through her connections, provided insights into what to focus on regarding my current life goals, past experiences and even provided an alignment!! The session with Tearhsa led to an immediate sense of calm and clarity. It was a very positive experience for me and I plan on incorporating her sessions on a regular basis. I highly recommend trying one yourself.” - Catherine

"Tearhsa has been an absolute godsend! After struggling with my health and my spiritual path for many years, my first session with Tearhsa gave me the clarity and direction I needed.  The healing session I had with her was so powerful it literally knocked me out for a half an hour. I woke up refreshed, clear minded and in a state of absolute zen. Her energy and presence created a safe space for me where I could relax and really open myself to healing. It was such a positive experience I decided to work with Tearhsa on a long-term basis. I could not be happier with the results. My blocks are melting away and I’m finally seeing a path forward.  Thank you Tearhsa for sharing your incredible gifts with me." - Forever grateful, Susan

"Tearhsa has helped me clear away the guilt I've carried for years. Now I am able to focus on myself and move forward with confidence. Thank you Tearhsa for guiding me to freedom!" -Fran

"I have always thought that I had spiritual gifts but have never been able to access my abilities. Working with Tearhsa has helped my to remove my fears and open up my intuition, channeling and connection to my personal guidance. Thank you!" - Bre

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Magic Power In 'ME' eBook

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Looking to quickly release your mental stress, emotional baggage or physical ailments? In this book you will learn how to tap into your Magic Power to rewrite your life story with the happy ending you deserve! COMING SOON! JOIN THE WAITLIST TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY FOR JUST $5!

Books & Cards

Channeled lessons from spirit on life, living, and the world beyond. Journey within, expand your vision, and connect to the all-knowing universe.

"40 Days to Soul Expansion" Book

We come into this life to seek truth and knowledge to grow our soul. Opening the heart to more fully give and receive love expands, enriches and brightens the soul light. "This is how we change the world: one drop of light at a time. "This in-depth program will challenge you in all four quadrants: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual."
"40 Days to Soul Expansion" is a self-paced program designed to bring you closer to knowledge and truth through information and action.
The goal is to expand your open heart and heighten awareness of your true self.
This program is about you and no one else. Dedicate yourself to yourself. You are worth it!
Includes 10 FREE Meditation & Audio Downloads!

"40 Days to Soul Enlightenment"

This 40-day self-study will journey you to explore both internal and external awareness. You will discover who you are in this life, how you impact the reality around you and how the external you attract and invite in effect you.
This personal exploration opens the path to healing the wounds of the heart to create a joyful, balanced NOW.
Give yourself permission to take this time for your self-growth and care. Open your heart and grow your light. Be the light.
This is how we change the world: one drop of light at a time.
It’s time to shine in your brilliance.

"40 Days to Soul Enlightenment" Daily Affirmation Cards

Daily Affirmation Cards used independently or with the book, 40 Days to Soul Enlightenment: Daily Affirmations to Open Your Heart to God's Love. These cards are intended to assist with daily reminders in support of continued growth and enlightenment as we open our hearts in love.

Partner With Me

Everyone needs someone in their corner, cheering them on, challenging them, and holding them, yes, the "hard word to hear"... accountable. Together we will remove your current blocks to open space for your personal growth and expansion, elevating your health, wealth, and wellbeing. Partner with me and let's get you living the true blueprint of who you are designed to be! Book a 30-minute session with me to discuss your goals and desires and let's get started! 


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